Youth Talk Event

Posted on: June 26, 2012 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Youth Talk Event

Youth Talks

On 27th May 2012 our first Youth Talk event provided a good opportunity for members of the Young Leader Project (YLP) and high school students to come together and share ideas. Youth Talk is an event led by the Young Leader Project at the Chanleas Dai junior high school which took inspiration from KhmerTalks. Through KhmerTalks, ideas are presented in the Khmer language by scholars, achievers and students, with the aim of creating opportunities for scholarly thinking, personal achievement and business success.

Youth Talk’s vision is to encourage specifically Cambodian youth to share their knowledge and experiences with other students in order to empower young generation leadership in the community.

In total there were 65 participants and 4 speakers highlighting different topics. The first speaker Chhean Oy, a Grade 12 student from Kralanh high school, brought up the topic of the “Three Principals of Success.” Chork Sreysnom, a Grade 9 student from Chanleas Dai high school then spoke on the subject of the “Power of Thought and the Battle of Mistake.” Next to present on the topic of “My Dream” was Neoun Sakara, a Grade 9 student from Chanleas Dai junior high school. And finally, Yean Barang, a Grade 9 student from Junior high school spoke on the subject of “The River of Her Life.”

After the presentations participants were divided into four groups where they discussed the following qüestions before presenting their feedback.

  1. What they learned from the presentations?
  2. What idea they liked the most?
  3. How they will apply these idea and lessons to their daily life?

One of the conclusions from all groups during the event was that students understood the importance of developing their ability in public speaking. Also students recognized that sharing ideas amongst youth is necessary in order to develop skills and knowledge. The majority of participants said that they would like to join the meeting again, so thanks to this feedback we are dedicated to continue working with enthusiastic members of the Young Leader Project and look forward to further informative and empowering events in the future.