The Youth Innovators’ Space and Incubator (YISI) Program was started in October 2020 in partnership with USAID’s and PACT Cambodia’s We Act Initiative. The purpose of the project is to facilitate training for youth to develop entrepreneurial skills and become confident job creators in the Siem Reap community. We aim to help diversify the job market, introduce more social enterprises to Siem Reap, and ultimately increase job opportunities and learning experiences for youth.

The program operates in PEPY’s new YISI office which is centrally located to encourage youth and other organizations to utilize the office as a co-working space. For our pilot year, we have a total of 20 full-time Youth Innovators and an additional 10 IT participants. Our program courses build off of one another so that the youth graduating from the program preparing to take on the many facets of running a successful start-up. 

  • Social Enterprise Incubator Course: 6 months Saturday morning course with focused skills development training on foundation skills to run a business successfully. The course includes: writing a business plan, marketing training, leadership and soft skills workshops, financial planning, strategic planning for resiliency.
  • IT for Business Course: 6-8 months Saturday afternoon course with IT training for participants to have the tools and knowledge to successfully manage and market their business. Sessions include Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Apps, time management and financial tools/apps, video/photo editing apps, logo/branding, building your website, and building your social media pages and following. 
  • We Business Talks: Public monthly workshops and panels for youth to network with and learn from experienced professionals and leaders from various industries.  

Meet Some Of Our Youth Innovators: 

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Our Impact:  

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