Students Build Confidence and Knowledge Through Creative Writing

Posted on: March 7, 2019 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Students Build Confidence and Knowledge Through Creative Writing

Last week, Writing Through, an organization that teaches conceptual writing in order to increase confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills, came to deliver a Taking Risks workshop at the PEPY Learning Center. Students learned from and enjoyed these sessions a lot – they were able to express themselves creatively, talk about their emotions, learn new vocabulary, and practice their speaking skills. As a group, they brainstormed together to create poems and a short story. They also wrote their own pieces independently after learning how to write openly and expressively. Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience:

Writing Through taught me to use my imagination and the back of my brain before writing. My favorite part of the workshop was writing short stories with my friends, it made me feel friendlier with them.

1. Phearom

I now use the back of my brain more than before and I feel more mature. Even when I’m riding my bicycle, I think about poems! My favorite part was writing stories in groups. I felt closer to the others and we could focus well on our story. I learned more about my friends and their minds, it made me feel that I have more similarities with them.

2. Lada

I changed my ideas in the Writing Through class. Now I know how to brainstorm to write expressively. My favorite part of the workshop was learning to write poems in English because it’s much different than writing poems in Khmer.

3. Penhchet

After learning about taking risks, I now feel I can stand up if something bad happens.

4. Sokvoeun

Srey Pin
I learned new ideas and comparisons from this workshop, and it showed me different ways of working in a team. When I worked in groups, I learned more about my friends and got new ideas from them. Thank you Writing Through!

5. SreyPin

I feel more confident now. I loved writing stories because it made me feel smarter and as if I could write everything I wanted to.

6. Reaksmey

After the workshop, I believe in myself more and am stronger than before. I feel like I have more good ideas and I can share them with everyone.

7. Pha

I liked writing stories because it taught me how to use metaphors and humor.

8. Reaksa

Working in a group with my friends, I felt that we were united and helped each other by using our minds to make a lot of development for ourselves.

9. Srey Neav

I learned a lot of new words to use in poems and stories, and felt solidarity with my team members.

10. Kolaphanna

Working in groups to write poems and stories taught us how to help and learn about each other.

11. Sipou

I will use the skills they gave us when I am reading books or brainstorming for my assignments at school.

12. Smaly

I learned many new words and found out that I can write poems. I used to think Khmer and English poems would be the same but I’m so happy to understand that they are very different.

13. Channra

I have a better idea of my imagination and can write about my feelings. This helped me be more aware of my friends, too.

17. Sreirey

I was so excited to study with Writing Through. I liked writing about adventures, education, and motivation.

14. Sivechhinh

It made me very happy to learn to write better in English, it was a great way to practice!

15. Chanthou

I was really happy when writing poems and brainstorming ideas with my friends. The Writing Through staff were lovely and helped us to write poems by ourselves.

16. Posy