Working Together we are Stronger

Posted on: November 1, 2017 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Working Together we are Stronger

IMG_0351PEPY was delighted to attend the Opening Day for the new academic year in Srey Snom High School, on Wednesday November 1st. It was a most memorable day, as more than one thousand Students assembled to be addressed by a number of invited guests and speakers. Two students from the Student Council facilitated and managed a very professional order of events, with great dignity and humour. All invited guests and speakers were introduced to the assembly and Rith Sarakk and five members of the PEPY team were delighted to be present and to be introduced to the assembly.

There was a great sense of excitement as the Principal welcomed everyone. IMG_0350He was delighted to inform the assembly of the school’s success at the end of the last academic year. He spoke about the impressive number of students who received scholarships for further education, including thirteen PEPY scholarships. PEPY’s Executive Director, Rith Sarakk, addressed the large assembly and his spirited and uplifting speech was enthusiastically received. He captured the attention of everyone as he spoke about PEPY’S mission and hopes for young Cambodians. Sarakk was delighted to reveal details of PEPY’s new English Pilot Programme in Sres Snom and also in Kralanh. He explained that PEPY would be providing additional English classes during the next academic year.

Later, Duth Kimsru, PEPY Programme Manager, met with two of Sres Snom’s English Teachers who will be facilitating PEPY’s Pilot English Programme during the next academic year – additional English classes for Grades ten, eleven and twelve. Both teachers were highly engaged and enthusiastic about being part of this exciting initiative. IMG_0447

PEPY is confident that with this additional English provision, students will be further empowered to avail of further educational opportunities when they finish High School. It’s important to say that PEPY had previously met with participating English language teachers in Kralanh High School, where the Pilot Programme was equally well received. It was wonderful for PEPPY to be part of such a great day in Sres Snom – to affirm and congratulate the school’s success to date and to plant educational seeds, that with mindful and careful nurturing will grow into the successes of the future. Congratulations to all involved.01