A day in the life of: working in tourism

Posted on: April 3, 2014 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

A day in the life of: working in tourism

Soria Moria visitAfter learning about what a career in tourism could look like through a range of speaker events, PEPY scholarship students were very excited to visit a hotel to discover more. As part of Youth Empowerment classes in our Learning Center program, scholarship students visited the Soria Moria hotel in Siem Reap this week.

The Soria Moria hotel is well-known for its social business model, founded on principles of building capacity of their team, and promoting local ownership. PEPY was happy to team up with our like-minded friends to share insights into the tourism and hospitality industry. The visit’s objective was to increase understanding of requirements in the work place.

Soria Moria poolFor almost all of the students, this was their first time inside a hotel. They discovered all about different areas of service, expectations of foreign guests (of which getting a sun tan was the most amusing!), importance of English language, and volunteer opportunities. Discovering luxurious guest bedrooms and the roof top jacuzzi was lots of fun!

“After I finish studying, I would love to work in a hotel like this. I already know about Soria Moria through PEPY from before, and I wanted to learn more because they are doing good things for the community and their staff”

– Chhunly, PEPY scholarship student

“I really liked the pool, it’s very cool. When I finish studying, I want to be an accountant at a big hotel company in Siem Reap Province”

– Hama, PEPY scholarship student