At PEPY, your donation will be used to go toward projects that not only empower and inspire Cambodian youth, but reshape communities. Even a bicycle or single workshop can be a pivotal step in our students’ journeys to becoming leaders and change makers in their local communities and in Siem Reap.

What Your Donation Could Mean:

Lida’s Story:

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Before PEPY, Lida was not sure he would be able to realize his dream of becoming an English teacher. He had limited finances and many obstacles in his path, but knew he wanted to move onto higher education after finishing high school.

For Lida, one particular PEPY activity made a lasting impact on his life. During his studies at PEPY Learning Center, he participated in a Community Payback Project in Kralanh District. He went to a remote school and taught sixth and seventh graders about hygiene and the values of education. It was an eye-opening moment for him to run this small scale project. He learned leadership skills, communication skills, and responsibility. Moreover, he was encouraged by the spark he saw in students’ eyes. He was proud that he could be a role model. Today, as a teacher, Lida’s motto for himself and others is “Be good, do good;” so that other youth may have a chance to follow the path to realizing their dreams just like he did.

Konhing’s Story:  

Investing in Just One Student Helps a Whole Community

When Konhing was growing up, she was not encouraged to pursue education  opportunities. In her village, almost all women drop out of school early from pressure from their family to pursue quick income opportunities. She had to complete chores in the field and at home before even being allowed to go to school. It was hard work, but she was resolved to complete high school. Through PEPY, Konhing was connected to the resources and mentors to continue onto higher education. 

Today, only 3 girls from her village have passed Grade 12, and Konhing is the only one to graduate. She wants to be instrumental in changing this trend and now works for World Vision, an NGO that supports the encouragement and mentor ship of youth in rural communities. Her neighbors are slowly seeing her as a role model in the community even though they were initially skeptical about a young woman advocating for education. She tells youth, “knowledge is more valuable than money,” and will fight until all young girls are enabled the opportunity to continue their studies and build sustainable futures.