What ELSE does PEPY do?

Posted on: April 21, 2009 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

What ELSE does PEPY do?

Good question… I realize that in so much of our writing, on our newsletter and blog, we focus on our main programs, yet there is always so much else going on in the outer spheres of PEPY, I even have a hard time keeping track of it all.

I thought it might be nice to highlight some of the background things going on at PEPY which are not featured often but which take up a lot of our time and energy as well as help spread our impact further out into the world. Most PEPY people have heard of our well publicized programs: Khmer Literacy, English, Computer, Bike-to-School, Environmental, Child-to-Child Clubs, and Teacher Support Programs. But where does the rest of our time go? We have learned that sharing some of the lessons we have learned with groups outside of PEPY, partnering with others with similar missions, and creating and sharing resources which can be used outside of PEPY are all important keys to spreading the impact of our work as far as they can reach. I will spend the next 7 days putting up one blog post per day about what ELSE we do at PEPY, just case you are interested in learning more about the behind the scene things we are working.

0) Refresher on the Basics
– I asked a friend who lives here in Cambodia to tell me what he thought PEPY did, just to get his outside perspective on what it is we do. He said “You support schools and operate tours to raise funds to do that and you do some other education stuff too.” Good answer, Eric, you get 10 points. That is the core of what we do, education and tours. You can get a basic overview of our programs in this nifty new “Programs” section on our recently updated website which highlights our main activities in more depth. These are perhaps the PEPY Projects you have heard of. Follow along for the next seven days to see what ELSE we do.

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