VCD members use strategic planning

Posted on: July 24, 2012 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

VCD members use strategic planning

It has been an exciting journey so far for the members of the Volunteer Community Development (VCD) group since their formation in mid-2010. As young enthusiastic volunteers, a group of 30 Junior High school students embarked on a mission to tutor English to over 500 of their younger peers in 20 different locations. VCD is not a PEPY initiative, although the leaders of this group did draw inspiration from their experiences at PEPY’s Child-to-Child and Young Leader Clubs (See past articles here)

Now, they are learning some important lessons about different tutoring approaches and how they see themselves making an impact through their work.

Through their initial plans to reach many younger students in various, the volunteers encountered challenges including limited funds, organizational issues with the study groups and a lack of resources. Bearing this in mind, they are now rethinking the way they tutor by first concentrating on providing quality tutoring to the students of Chanleas Dai primary school. On Thursday 12 th July, the group of older volunteers visited the primary school, with the permission of the teachers, to provide information to the students and campaign for increased participation in their tutoring sessions. With a more manageable sized focus group, VCD are now able to offer regular tutoring sessions for the Chanleas Dai primary school students. This in turn provides more opportunities for their students to excel in their studies. Not only do VCD offer tutoring services, but the volunteers are also part of community projects ranging from litter collection to agricultural activities. Currently they are growing morning glory and potatoes.

To support their activities, the VCD also contribute their time to help set up PEPY events such as the Literacy Camp, which allows them to earn a small stipend. Instead of spending this stipend, the VCD are venturing out to invest in opportunities to support their ongoing development. They plan to attend strategic retreats and visit other organizations in Siem Reap to share ideas and lessons learned. With such an active approach, the VCD are in the process of quickly learning the intricacies that come with organizing a social group. PEPY are proud of VCD’s contributions to their communities, and our support and acknowledgment for their work will continue as they evolve and grow into a strong network of young leaders. PEPY is hopeful that overtime more community development and education programs in Cambodia succeed through the talent and commitment of young local leaders; independent of any external intervention.