The Power of Your Donation

Posted on: October 11, 2011 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

The Power of Your Donation

by Anna McKeon and Stephanie Boegeman

CLC class
Photo credit: Stephanie Boegeman

In Cambodia, $10 can buy a lot of sugarcane juice. In fact, it’s tempting to think just how many books, uniforms, and school buildings could be bought or built in the wake of a successful campaign. All too often though, these physical things are distracting stand-ins for the actual goal: increased access to education.

Here at PEPY, rather than focusing funds on material goods, we’d rather invest in people. Take a look below to see far your contribution goes towards training teachers, supporting programs, and developing the skills of young leaders.

Let’s start with $0.12 – that’s 500 Cambodian Riel, enough to buy that bag of sugarcane juice.

$1 covers the cost of an electrical generator that children can use to experiment with in Creative Learning Classes.

$5 supports one child’s participation in a Child-to-Child club for one month.

$10 provides a half-month of training and curriculum support to 8 teachers.

$20 provides half the cost of mushroom spores for a community. Through SAS, the community groups will contribute the remaining $10 to this initiative. With this contribution, entrepreneurs can either to grow their own mushrooms or develop a mushroom-spore business.

$50 funds Literacy and Effective Teaching and Learning training for 28 teachers.

$65 provides 3 trainings over the period of a year for our Child-to-Child facilitators.

$80 can provide training for School Support Committees to write their own funding proposals.

$100 will provide 2 weeks of supplemental education courses to over 250 students.

$130 will enable 36 community members, 9 students, and 21 teachers to visit other schools to learn new methods and techniques.

$1350 provides the resources for 4 days of life skills training workshops for 50 Child-to-Child participants.