The KhmerTalks in Siem Reap

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The KhmerTalks in Siem Reap

The KhmerTalks in Siem Reap

The latest KhmerTalks took place on March 3rd in Siem Reap.

Khmer Talks consists of a series of seminars by different speakers, addressing important topics related to skills required in professional and personal life. The speakers also talk about how they achieved their current position.

PEPY arranged a field trip for 47 students from Chanleas Dai and Kralanh High School to attend the event. 15 of the students were from grade 12 and 32 from grade 9.

The idea behind Khmer Talks is sharing ideas presented in Khmer language by Khmer students, thinkers, and achievers of all age groups. “We believe that by sharing our ideas and thoughts through open discussions, we can achieve great progress and development. It will enable us to examine the strengths and weaknesses of an idea”.  The organizers of the event emphasize the importance of collaborating for future generations to come, at this crucial time in Cambodian history.

One of the most popular speakers at last month’s event – according to  the students – was Mr Chhunny, who talked about “the Art of dreaming”.  Mr Chhunny Noem is a professional trainer on leadership and management, and also a “meditation guru”. He has a degree in Buddhist Philosophy from the International Buddhist University (MCU) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mr Chunny is also a Co-founder & Training Manager at SmallWorld Cambodia and a Senior Trainer for PossibilitiesWorld, a company delivering Leadership Development and Management solutions. Additionally, he is a freelancer providing training and translation for a+b=3. The company gives financial education to low-income individuals, families, communities including small businesses. His project, dharmatraveler, was created to assist students and young people to maintain a balanced lifestyle , though meditation. The project also works closely with the people affected by the Khmer Rouge period. His passion is to see young Cambodians live their dreams and to help them build inner peace.

Two of the organizers behind Khmer Talks are PEPY employees Hanty Ung, Seakngoy Try and PEPY Tours employee Choch Chor. “KhmerTalks is a great social event that can help develop people’s ideas and lead to positive improvements in everyone’s lives”, according to Hanty.

Seak loves social networking and he believes that Khmer Talks Event is a place where awesome ideas for future generations can be created.

Chor believes that sharing ideas and experiences, including failures leads the way to success.

Having the opportunity to learn new concept from different speakers appealed to the students from Kralanh. They felt that the event was very useful for them to take part in, as it provided them with a new learning source.

Khmer Talks was founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded people. It is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The idea has then spread to both Phnom Penh and other provinces around the country.  There are currently five events organized in Siem Reap and three in Phnom Penh, including a series of mini-events. For more information please visit