Thank You New Zealand Fundraisers!

Posted on: December 14, 2009 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Thank You New Zealand Fundraisers!

We want to send a thank you out to Helen and Brendon who took it upon themselves recently to support PEPY via a bike ride in New Zealand.

Here is what Helen wrote to us about the trip: “I am happy to say, after 9 hours and 24 minutes of pedal, sweat and tears, Brendon and I conquered the 160km Solo Ride Challenge, biking all the way round Lake Taupo here in beautiful New Zealand via some hills that can only be described as evil, but all in the name of PEPY. Through kind donations from friends, families and colleagues, we managed to raise $364.00 NZD (255 USD) which is already winging it’s way to your account.”

Below is a picture from their ride.  If you are wondering why Helen looks so familiar, it is because she is the girl in the red PEPY t-shirt who starts and ends the reflection section of our original PEPY video (she’s at 2:25) by Daniela Kon.  She says she will “be involved with PEPY for the rest of her life,” and we are delighted that she has held very true to this so far! 

Thank you Helen and Brendon!