Thank you Dubai!

Posted on: June 28, 2009 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Thank you Dubai!

PEPY in Dubai by the numbers:

50                    Former PEPY volunteers living in the UAE.

45,000             Dollars these advocates raised in last week’s first Dubai fundraiser.

1                      Junior high school in Chanleas Dai, now complete due to this funding.

300                  Students expected to attend the JHS next year.

24                    Number of hours in the day that we’re grateful for what this team has achieved.

2                      Men on stilts present at the event.

30                    Minutes of live radio time Daniela, Maryann and volunteer Jeff Strachan had on a popular Dubai talk show.

8                      Meetings with press, arranged by former volunteers.

12 plus             Former volunteers already booked on return trips.

Infinite ………. Our gratitude to all those who participated in the event, organized our trip and the fundraisers/press/social events surrounding it, donated, and supported us in Dubai.

We can’t express in words how incredible our week in Dubai has been.  From the minute we arrived at the airport we have been taken care of like family.  From our hotel and transportation arrangements, to hosting an incredibly successful fundraising event, to networking with businesses and press who might be interested in spreading the PEPY message, to sharing all that is Emirati with us, we have been overwhelmed at the kindness and support from our friends in the UAE.  We can only try to thank you enough, through continuing the work we are doing, putting this funding to good use, and welcoming you back again with arms open. 

Special thanks to Jeff, Phukaka, Michael, Kamelia, Nojoud, Manikan, Sonal, Liza, Heba, Alanoud, Fatma, Kristi and all the lovely ladies from Zayed for making all of the above possible.