Teacher Policy: Strengthen, Motivate & Retain

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Teacher Policy: Strengthen, Motivate & Retain

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport releases a new Teacher Policy 

EngClasses_blog-post-500x375Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport works to establish and develop human resources. The Ministry’s programs include Provincial Teacher Training Colleges for primary school teachers and regional teacher training for lower secondary school teachers.

Recently, the Ministry approved the Teacher Policy with the goal of developing teachers’ knowledge, competencies and code of conduct. The policy was developed in response to increasing globalization and competition for human resources.


  • Improving the living condition and social standing of teachers
  • Modernizing training programs
  • Improving working conditions including salary, benefits and retirement benefits
  • Ensure the rights of teachers are followed within the Education Law

The policy’s strategies include:

  • Developing legislative instruments and mechanisms to implement the Teacher Policy
  • Attracting competent persons into teaching profession
  • Developing the standards of teacher training systems
  • Developing teacher training centers
  • Teacher rationalized to meet the needs of education institutions
  • Provision of in service trainings and professional development for teachers
  • Teachers motivated and retained in the system
  • Strengthening effectiveness of school leadership
  • Strengthening teacher monitoring and evaluation mechanism/systems

As the policy is implemented and monitored, the groups who will be trained are directors of public education establishments, teacher trainers at centers for teacher development, educational planners, human resource specialists and all teachers.

Lessons Learned from Government School Collaborations

PEPY has learned a lot over the years in collaborating with government school teachers and the challenges many of them face to teach effectively. Some of these challenges include lack of training in English to teach their class effectively, having a large number of students, or very low salaries. A key challenge PEPY has faced is the retention of government school teachers, and this has been particularly evident in the lessons learned from our Traveling Teacher Support program.

PEPY is looking forward to see how effective the new Teacher Policy is, and we hope this step in the right direction will have a positive impact to empower teachers and improve the quality of education.

Ongoing collaboration between government organizations, teachers and other related organizations; as well as effective monitoring are needed to support educators adequately and provide quality teaching for students.

View the full Teacher Policy