Tales from the Czech Republic

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Tales from the Czech Republic

By Thavry Thun and Monkol

Thavry’s Letter:

“Two Cambodian students have been
selected as a full time student for the three years scholarship in
Czech Republic. We are really lucky to be here to get the standard
education.  We have been in Czech Republic for two months. We have
learned so many news things, funny, sad, excited, new friends…….When
people meet us and asked “ where are you from?”, We said “ We are from
Cambodia,” they asked “Where is Cambodia?” Now our a great opportunity
to do a presentation about our country to everyone know about Cambodia.
In 18 of September 2009, 7:30-9:00PM was a great time for us to share
information about Cambodia to everyone know about.

would love share all kind of information we have, because one of my
friend believe sharing is love, and so do I. Many people came for our
presentation. To me, I was feel fear, but I told myself “You can do
it”, I love this sentence, whenever I feel afraid, I always take this
sentence to remind myself. Anyway, It is natural I would try my best to
do, and I will improve somehow.

When I stand in front of many
people, I feel nervous at the beginning, but I keep telling myself “You
can do it, do your best ”, after my friend told them about the meaning
of Cambodia flag , He show some video about the history that has been
kept 1000 years ago, some short video about history of Cambodia.   some
useful information, weather currency, geography and we make them laugh,
I notice two points that make people laugh when I read my country’s
name, and my king’s name they both are long name, then I saw they seem
feel relax and interesting in our presentation and ready to get
information, so it made me feel better.

talked about the “Unforgettable History of Cambodia.” I made some girls
cried. It is true information, they really interesting to know about, I
was glad to share this information. I was talk about how cruel of Pol
Pot Regime. How they killed the people, and explain house no one stay,
way no one walked. Jail without wall. First they seem wonder what does
it mean, I started to explain why then I saw many girls who came for
our presentation start crying. I did not want them cry but I could not
stop them, about five minute later they fully understand what was the
meaning what we have put, and how cruel it was. I turned back to Monkol
started to make them feel better from the darkness time that I have

talked about the end of Pol Pot Regime, and sunrise of Cambodia, well
sun always rise and set everyday in Cambodia, I believe even I am not
in Cambodia, what we wanted to say was ”Smiling faces, new life was
born, children could go to school after the darkness time, people can
live with their family, culture, tradition, religion have been
restarted ”. He also talked about where you should do when you go to
our country, and the natural resource in Cambodia. We have a small
country, but we have everything. We have sea, water fail , thousand of
temples, rice field, fruits…….When we talked about our winter, the
difference between here and Cambodia, they could imagine how hard it is
for us to adapt from the hot weather to the very cold weather like the
Czech Republic. Then we talked about culture and traditional, We do not
shake hand or hug to each other, we do “Sompeah/Jom reabsure=put your
hand together and bow your head”. Our tradition clothes which was very
interesting for most people who came to our presentation. We also
showed them how we dance for our traditional dance, I asked Monkol ”Hey
are you sure, we should show them how we dance?” He said” Sure, try our
best.” We asked for two volunteer to join us, and finally all of them
were really enjoy what we were showing them, and we gave them a gift
from Cambodia.

I talked about foods, truly when I was talking
about food, I was very hungry and I wanted to go back my country, and
eat all kind of my favorite foods. We have much difference kind of
foods, fruits…..and so on. I also showed Cambodian language, I taught
them how to say some useful words and sentences in Khmer, and finally,
we have some quiz for the volunteer who would like to try, and also
gave some gift also. After we finished they made a party for us. I was
really tired, I was not sure whether to go or not. I joined the party,
because I thought, it is my party, and I should enjoy what I have done
and be remember your first success of giving a speech to the people.
Most of the people who came the party asked Monkol and I teach them how
to dance our traditional with the rock music, “ Oh Monkol we are
success and we both smile and enjoyed teaching them.”

my god! I could do it, and I could do it well, I was really happy, and
then I believe myself and one sentence “I can do it”, When the
presentation was end, everybody came and told me ”Thank you for your
presentation, it was really good and full of information, we really
like it”, I was smiling and say “thank you, you are welcome”. Now I
would love to do it more, and I would love to share about Cambodia’s
information. I would keep sharing the information to the people to know
about my country.”

Monkol’s Letter:

“After I have lived in Czech Republic for 2 months when I have learned many difference tastes of life like seeing, feeling, meeting, and face something new. I am really satisfy to have the opportunity which I was began an amazing adventure for my study life. After the plane landed in Zurich in Switzerland at the 7 o’clock in the morning, it was really surprised and excited that I was in Europe. Because of this feeling which didn’t make me feel afraid of everything new. 
After the plane landed in Prague airport, fortunately they are 5 generous Czech people who came to pick me up at the airport and brought me to see some nice places and warmth feeling. Every a fews weeks, they invite me to visit in Prague, and they bring me to see different places in Capital city furthermore, offering me some delicious Czech food. Additionally, I have meet some nice friends and also teachers which made me feeling confident to live in the nice country. 
Another point of view while I am being in here, I can see that everywhere they used technology which are working automatically not only in the big place but also in the toilet. Interestingly for me, I really feel happy and comfortable with nice, modern university and qualify teachers who are experienced of being teachers for more 10 years like my mathematics teachers. Despite the fact that some subjects are quite difficult for me like principle management and Microeconomic but now I used to enjoy study them also. consequently, my study is going step by step and I also enjoy keeping myself busy with study also.
One problem, that is quite difficult and I am try to face and change is that it is difficult to getting used my roommate behave habit. 
Lastly, I have to go shopping for life now.
Miss you so much and also looking to meet you
PS: Thank you for your clothes and I miss khmer’s food very much……”