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What ELSE? — Connecting to the Job Market

This is the seventh and final post in a series about what ELSE PEPY does.  Click here for the first post. We recognize that schools are only as valuable as the teaching going on within them. But we also recognize that formal education is only as valuable as the opportunities …

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Rolling Strong in Battambang

by Josh Bloomfield

Nine days into the PEPY Ride IV adventure and our team of 16 riders is looking STRONG.

After a few great days in Siem Reap exploring the temples with students and by bicycle, we packed up our panniers and headed west for Kralanh. The first 30km was a breeze with sunny blue sky and smooth freshly paved highway. The second 30k, however, was a hodgepodge of gravel and dirt making up National Route 6 which connects Siem Reap to Thailand (via Poipet). To say the road conditions were less than ideal would be an understatement, as the road was undergoing construction, but hey, that’s the REAL Cambodia, and it is what we came here for.

After showing up in Kralanh, tanned and a whole lot dustier, we relaxed and had an amazing end-of- year dinner with the whole PEPY staff, including the Cambodian school staff and local commune dignitaries. It was a great opportunity for riders to get to know some of the teaching staff prior to the next two days, as we were to get involved at the school.

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A Visit to Digital Divide Data

As part of PEPY’s effort to learn more about what other organizations are doing in Cambodia, this morning most of our staff visited Digital Divide Data (DDD), a non-profit social venture based in Phnom Penh.

DDD provides high quality, cost-effective data-entry and digitalization services to both international and local clients. DDD aims to use technology to improve lives of some of the world’s least developed nations by bringing well-paid technology jobs to countries where they didn’t previously exist and to groups who struggle just to survive.