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What ELSE? — Khmer Early Literacy Books

This is the second post in a series about what ELSE PEPY does.  Click here for the first post. One of the keys to learning to read is getting books at the right level into the learners hands, or so my mother, an educator for over 30 years, tells me.  …

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Reflections and Projections

SchoolBy Maryann Bylander

Over the course of the last few weeks you likely have received around a dozen emails and letters from non-profits going over the course of their achievements from the last 12 months and asking for money.  Like all of the rest, we can’t help but ask for your support during this time of celebration, reflection and new beginnings.  However, instead of a laundry list of achievements from the past year, we want to focus on what we’ve done in the last two months since the new school year began in Chanleas Dai, and what we’re looking forward to in early 2009.