Success in learning

Posted on: February 21, 2014 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Success in learning

MondulA few weeks ago, Mr. Monkol, PEPY ex-staff and former scholarship student from the Czech Republic, came to our Learning Center and spoke with PEPY scholarship students. His speech was titled “How to be successful in learning.

Mr. Monkol enjoyed an effortless rapport with the students, greeting them an easy smile and friendly demeanor. Students felt warm and welcome instantly.

Students learned that in order to succeed at learning, they must:

  • Commit to self-discipline – fulfill promises to themselves
  • Create challenges for growth – classroom competition can be healthy. If there is no competition, they might never grow. They don’t have to get grade “A” all the time, but they should try.
  • Interact with the teacher – In the classroom, they need to push themselves to ask questions and seek further information
  • Pay attention to what is important – To score well in exams, they must know the key questions that teacher would use in their test. Remember what the teacher says is important.

studentMr. Monkol then spoke about his experiences studying in the Czech Republic. Most students were deeply inspired. During the Q&A session, students asked a lot of questions related to overseas scholarships.

Overall, the sharing event was successful. Students were engaged, learned a lot, and left feeling empowered to improve on themselves.