Student employment

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Student employment

Over the past few months, the second year scholarship students have begun the process of finding employment. In years one and two PEPY Empowering Youth fully supports all their needs, but in years three and four the students start to move into the world of work in order to support themselves in preparation for life beyond university; this also enables them to gain some work experience, ahead of their final transition into their chosen career field. This important part of the program introduces the students to the world of employment and provides the opportunity for them to utilize the knowledge and skills developed in the Learning Center.

The students have spent time in the Learning Center compiling and refining their CVs and covering letters, whilst also researching and applying to job announcements. PEPY Empowering Youth staff have aided this process by addressing interview techniques with the students, as well as conducting mock interviews. The process has been very successful, currently 70% of the students hold roles in placements which they are enjoying, and many of them received multiple job offers from which they could choose. Some of the students have found this transition challenging, for a variety of reasons, however, counseling sessions have been, and will continue to be, utilized to assist the students throughout the process. The students’ employment spans a vast array of roles and responsibilities.




Hama is utilizing her studies in TourismMara and Hospitality to train at DMC Asia Plus Company Tour, where she is joined by Mara who has also earned a training position at the company.





Bunty’s harBuntyd work has earned her the role of Administration and Finance Officer at Rachna Satrei, an NGO based in Siem Reap, which works towards reducing violence against women, children and the disabled. Bunty’s job encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, which she is finding both challenging and enjoyable.




Chhorliheang, who is currently studying Education Planning and Administration at Build Bright University, has recently started a job as Credit Officer at Niron Mikroheranhvatho Plc.




Tola is making use of the knowledge he has gained from ICT lessons at the Learning Center; he is passing these skills on to other students at Information Technology school through his role as a Computer teacher.




We are also delighted to share with you the news that two of the scholarship students have taken channaon roles in PEPY Empowering Youth. Channa is taking over the role of Scholarship Officer; he is currently working with Seak, who currently holds the role, as part of the transition process. Channa says of his time as Scholarship Officer so far, ‘I have got new experiences as working environment. Since I have been going to study, I never work before. It is my first job in PEPY Empowering Youth. I work with kind staff and make connections with society. Working in PEPY is a useful time to me for building my capacity and knowledge.’


Savoeng has been in his position as Dream Officer for one month so far. As part of the role, he is required to develop and tesavoengach a syllabus for the Dream Classes held at Kralanh High School for the new academic year.

We feel that having been through the PEPY Empowering Scholarship program, Savoeng and Channa are in the perfect position to utilize their experiences and knowledge to inspire the next generation of students. Furthermore, their employment at PEPY encompasses our vision of empowering young Cambodians, particularly those from Kralanh, to pursue careers to improve the quality of their lives, and those of their community.


We are very excited for all the students as they embark upon this next step of their journey, and look forward to seeing, and supporting them in, their professional development.