Staff Retreat: recharged and ready to go

Posted on: September 30, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Staff Retreat: recharged and ready to go

PEPY pyramidLast week, PEPY enjoyed a well-deserved staff retreat at the tranquil Bronze Lake in Kampong Thom. If you have been following our blog, you will know that we have been working on some organizational changes lately, from implementing a strategic shift in direction to moving offices and setting up a Learning Center. The few days away were just what we needed to recharge, bond, and further develop our soft skills.

PEPY benefited from SERVE (Staff Empowerment and Recreation for Victory of Emotion), a two-day training program which covered interpersonal relationships, personal development, empathy, team-building, and social responsibility.

“I learned how to develop myself and how to change my weaknesses into strengths. I want to improve myself.”  – Soben, English Project Officer

Of special note was the ‘Praise Ceremony’, a session in which staff members took turns to publicly acknowledge one another for their contributions to the team. If you’ve watched Dan Ariely’s TED talk, you will have seen how providing even basic recognition creates a tremendous boost in motivation at work. Indeed, we concluded the ceremony feeling encouraged and inspired.

“It is so special for me. I got a very warm feeling. Everyone’s sharing, kindness, and support warmed my heart. That is why I feel that I have more energy to work and contribute more to PEPY.”  – Lida, Youth Empowerment Project Coordinator

In conjunction with our new strategic direction, PEPY staff also came together to envision how best to achieve our goal of increasing the percentage of Kralanh students accessing skilled employment. Each staff member gave input on the organization’s shared values and offered suggestions on how to improve both new and current programs. The management team and project officers then drew up detailed 5-year plans, crystalizing everyone’s ideas into actionable items. With heads full of fresh insights and goals committed to paper, PEPY project officers are now ready to take on the new academic year.

Finally, what staff retreat is complete without a little splash of fun? We took full advantage of the sunshine and water at Bronze Lake. PEPY staff cheered one another on amid screams of delight while rushing down waterslides, zip lining, kayaking, and paddle boating. Colleagues turned into friends, friends grew closer, and a spirit of camaraderie emerged.

Kimline, Executive Director of PEPY, expects that moving forward, staff members will:
•  Bring positive energy to work and enjoy working together
•  Better understand one another and exhibit good team work
•  Recharge and re-energize one another’s spirit and morale
•  Better understand PEPY’s present position and future direction

PEPY team 2013We’d like to thank our friends at the Nature of Truth Institute for facilitating the enriching SERVE workshop and for infecting us with their positivity. A special shout-out goes to Seakngoy Try for organizing a well-planned and engaging event.