Sharing the Lessons we’ve Learned

Posted on: April 22, 2014 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Sharing the Lessons we’ve Learned

Lessons learned webOver the years, PEPY’s programs have gone through many developments and transitions. We initiate programs in collaboration with the community, based on current needs and gaps in development. We always run our programs with a timeframe in mind, and are honest in saying if we do not plan to run projects forever. One of the single most important things for PEPY, is the local community taking ownership of the work we do. We are happy that lots of the work initiated by PEPY is now being managed by those in the community we work with. We would love it if other organizations in Cambodia, or in other developing countries, would also decide to take on, or learn from, projects we have ran.

Be humble in success, transparent in failure and share the lessons we learn 

– PEPY core value

We hope you will agree that PEPY lives up to our core value about humility and transparency. This is very important to us, as we believe honesty in our work is deserved by both the students we support and the donors who support us. We were very inspired by this TED Talk on Learning from Failure, and agree, we want others to learn how to do things better.

CLC cover webAs a result, we’re really happy to announce that we have now completed (with a little help from our friends Open Equal Free) a collection of lesson learned manuals on most of our past programs. These documents are open source to anyone who wants to learn from them. We hope the NGO network in Cambodia will discover ways to avoid challenges, embrace methodologies that went well, and utilize the resources we have collected or created.

Download our lesson learned manuals for free here. 

Happy reading!