Since 2012, PEPY has provided dedicated but financially disadvantaged rural youth the opportunity to chase their dreams and pursue higher education. Our scholars are from Kralanh, Srei Snam, Varin, Taing Kork, and Kampong Leaeng districts with a majority of them being from our high school Dream Management Project

Our scholarship program is unique in that it includes 3 years of tuition to a university or vocational school in Siem Reap in addition to a bicycle, use of a computer, and 1.5 years of living allowance and healthcare until students obtain jobs to support themselves. Our students are able to study in the university and degree program of their choice, in order to achieve their own dreams and aspirations. All scholars attend our Learning Center during their first year of studies which provides them with academic, professional. and (inter)personal skills. Additional program components include: 

  • Integration Day: PEPY scholars come from rural communities and are adapting to life in the city for the first time. During their first few months, the PEPY team helps them navigate through living together, culture shock, and preparing for higher education enrollment. 
  • Community Payback Projects: In order to ensure that PEPY’s impact is felt more broadly in our target populations’ communities, scholars are required to plan and implement community projects during their time at PEPY. They encourage their community, their peers, and family to see the tangible results and value of pursuing an education by providing training, volunteering to teach, or running an event. 

Chantoeu shares “I remember that I was very interested in the PEPY scholarship because it gave me the opportunity to go to any school I wanted. When I received the scholarship, I was so happy because my dream to study in a university was coming true. Without PEPY, my family would have had no way to support me getting a higher education.

I studied Accounting at Vanda Institute and complete my studies in December of 2019. Accounting was always a really enjoyable subject for me and I believe studying this field will lead to a lot of opportunities for me.” 

Sothearith says, “I received a PEPY scholarship in 2016. Only 4 students received a scholarship from PEPY that year and it changed my life. It allowed me to go to Pannasastra University and study International Relations. During my first year of study, I also attended PEPY’s Learning Center. 

The Learning Center gave me skills in English, soft skills, and computer programs. It helped me to make changes in my community during our Community Payback projects. This inspired me to keep giving back, and I continue to join in projects that support rural communities.  I have done tree planting with Youth of Cambodia for families to be able to have access to wood. I also joined PEPY sharing events so that I can speak and motivate high school students to continue their studies.”

Our Impact:

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