Posted on: October 29, 2010 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0


It seems like a lifetime ago that the communications team sat down to brainstorm ideas for the 2010 campaign to generate wider support and awareness about PEPY’s work. In reality, it was only just a few weeks ago during a brainstorming afternoon that The Power of 10 was born.

The idea behind the campaign was that it was going to be viral, based upon an animated video that would send a powerful message out to the world and spread awareness about PEPY and education in Cambodia more generally. Lo and behold, in just three days we managed to find three critical players: a graphic designer, a video producer, and a web designer. The Power of 10 was all go!

From finding out the dreams of our Khmer staff to Facebook teasing to the staff trip out to Angkor Wat to obtain some graphic media — the campaign was producing a definite buzz in the PEPY office as all the staff became excited and enthusiastic about the campaign.

10.10.10 was eventually here and The Power of 10 was launched! We went mad—we emailed, we tweeted, we commented on Facebook, we liked on Youtube, we sent more press releases, we contacted anyone we could to tell them that the campaign had begun. Our adrenaline was running high and we were anxious for the first supporters to start donating.

Nothing quite prepared us for what was about to happen. Donations from around the world started to roll in. Our friends invested and then their 10 friends invested and this continued and continued. We watched as The Power of 10 expanded and became bigger and bigger. In fact, we had donations come in from 23 countries, we gained 266 more fans on Facebook and the number of monthly active users has risen from 1815 – 5524, we had over 7,293 visits from 85 countries to the website and 2,240 people watched our video on Youtube. In total, $23,001.42 was donated from 566 donors! We’re grateful that the donations continue to come in – as such our anonymous donor has agreed to match through the end of November! You can still become a part of the movement at!

Without your support, this campaign would not have had the impact that it did. You helped PEPY raise funds and reach out to hundreds of people to bring awareness to Cambodia and, more specifically, awareness about the critical need of improving access to quality education here. Without your support, your donation, your tweeting, your sharing, and you telling your friends about The Power of 10, this would not have been possible. PEPY thanks YOU for joining the movement and for investing in the education of Cambodia’s future generations.

Since our matching donor has agreed to extending the matching deadline for his $100,00 grant through the end of November, if you or anyone you know would like to support PEPY to reach the full impact of this matching grant, please continue to spread The Power of 10 site or pass on our US mailing address and donation page.