PEPY’s Leadership Workshop for Principals and Vice Principals

Posted on: June 4, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

PEPY’s Leadership Workshop for Principals and Vice Principals

From May 28th to 30th, 2013 PEPY held a leadership workshop targeted towards school principals within the Chanleas Dai community.  The three-day event was held at Run Primary School and was organized by PEPY and the District of Education chief.

The goal of this workshop was to work with school principals in understanding the development of their leadership skills and the tasks required to fulfill their position for the school and benefiting community.  There is an existing manual for school principals on management and leadership, which is intended to be presented to them through workshops and trainings as often as possible.  Unfortunately though, due to the speed and funding for such initiatives, there has not been a workshop on these topics since 2009.

Samal Khath, who works for both the Ministry of Education and as a PEPY consultant, wanted to hold this event to “target principals and vice principals in rural communities who often do not receive government support and training in how to manage local schools.”  Each day, between five to nine principals or vice principals attended the training from surrounding communities.

Samal said, “For me, I think the event was a success because there were are small number of participants, so it was easy to focus on details, tasks and what they do every day to improve the work in schools and community.”

Throughout the three-day workshop, many trainings where conducted to assess and develop leadership skills and to also look into the educational resources currently being used in the community that have been supplied by either PEPY or the government.