PEPY Vision Starts at Home

Posted on: September 26, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

PEPY Vision Starts at Home


Our vision is a future where all young Cambodians are empowered to achieve their dreams. And when we say all, we mean all. Not just the students in the schools we work with in Kralanh District, but students across the country. And not just students either, all young Cambodians.

Therefore, it is so exciting when we are able to report that our vision has materialized right before our eyes. This time, not in the classrooms we facilitate, but right here in our own office.


A good news story – Noun and Saly pass their high school exam!

Noun (33) and Saly (31) worked with PEPY for five years on our Community Development Projects, such as Child to Child clubs and the Young Leader Project. Aside from being fantastic facilitators with young people, they are well known within our team for their sense of humor, bold dance moves and positive attitude!

Noun was originally unable to finish grade 12 because, as the eldest child of a large family, he was forced to leave school early to support his family and allow his younger brothers and sisters to continue school.

Noun says he was hurt after studying very hard but unable to take his final exam. He was therefore really excited that PEPY supported him to join a special class (Bompenhvichea) and he was able to finally pass the exam he had always wanted. He hopes his achievement will make it easier to find future jobs and allow him to enter further education. In the future, he hopes to create a vocational training center in a rural community for poor people .

“PEPY had pushed me to register since grade 9 until finishing grade 12. PEPY always contact and find programs that relate with studying and encourage me until I passed exam successfully” – Noun

SalySaly left high school at grade 9 because, as the only son, he felt responsible for helping to earn money for his family when his father fell sick. Determined to study and improve his capacity, he recently returned to school to complete grade 12. Now that he has completed his exam, he hopes to continue to study at the University of Economics and Law, and his goal is to create a program to develop rural areas and improve his English.

“PEPY pushes me to apply for exam and encourage to work hard until I succeeded” – Saly

PEPY is so happy to see our own staff empowered to reach their goals and unleash their potential through education. We wish them both every success in their future! Congratulations.