PEPY Staff- A Love of Learning

Posted on: December 14, 2009 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

PEPY Staff- A Love of Learning

When we’re hiring new staff, evaluating ourselves, and looking at intern applications the first thing we look to is our PEPY Powers.  About two years ago our staff sat down with an HR expert and whittled down the core competencies/values we wanted in our team.  We came up with these 5 :

1.    Love of Learning
2.    Passion for Change
3.    Working Together
4.    Initiative
5.    Follow Through

Though we think we have a pretty impressive team of Cambodian staff in general, they are especially showing their Love of Learning these days!  Out of the 18 Khmer staff working with us full time, 10 are currently studying outside of their working hours!  That means they are working 40 plus hour work weeks and then studying as well—impressive! Most of these individuals are supported through PEPY Capacity Building Scholarships, which are available for any full time staff who has been working with us for over three months.  Staff who are interested in continuing their education can apply for scholarships and are awarded either partial or full support through PEPY.  Not only does this help us develop the strengths of our staff, it also reinforces one of our core values: A Love of Learning.

What are they studying?

o    Cham Sela, Office Manager- Year 1 of his MBA
o    Sung Chan Ratana, Education Program Manager- Year 1 of his MA in Education Administration
o    Hun Thida, PSDP Program Officer- Year 4 of her Accounting BA
o    Riem Bon, Program Assistant- Year 2 of his Management  BA
o    Rith Sarakk, English Program Officer- Year 3 of his Management BA
o    Rous Rithy, Driver- Year 1 of his English BA
o    Thul Rithy, Program Officer- Supplementary English at ACE
o    Chun Kong, Guard-  Truck Driving/Maintenance and English
o    Chim Seng, English Teacher and Child Educator- Year 1 of his English BA
o    An Aim- Year 1 of his BA (still deciding his major)

They don’t have PEPY Capacity Building scholarships, but many of our part-time staff are studying too!

o    Riem Noun, Program Assistant- Studying to get his 12th grade equivalency
o    Soth Bopha, Program Intern- Year 1 of her IT BA
o    Choch Chor, Tours Intern- Supplementary French Classes and perhaps Tourism Guide Certification!
o    Ao Hang Chhay, IT Intern-  Year 3 of BA in IT

We are so excited to be working with such a motivated team of people who share our belief in the importance of education.  If you’d like to sponsor a capacity building scholarship for one of our staff, contact today!