School Partnership Program 

Similar to the PEPY Ambassador program, international PEPY partners are also welcomed to hold events that raise awareness of Cambodian history and culture, as well as the development challenges Cambodia is currently facing. In addition, schools and organizations may reach out to PEPY for exchange opportunities and mutual learning activities between students and teachers. PEPY team welcomes online and in person projects and activities that will allow youths from different countries to connect and learn from each other. If your school or organization is interested in conducting a project or activity in partnership with PEPY students and teachers please reach out to us via email at  

‘School for Scholar’ Chapters 

Starting a PEPY chapter is a great opportunity for a school group or organization to increase their community’s awareness of youths’ current experiences and challenges in Cambodia, Cambodian culture, and history. PEPY chapters can be initiated by a teacher, youth group, or school department and are intended to hopefully culminate into a PEPY Exchange and Tour and friendships between Khmer and foreign students. These chapters are very significant for PEPY students because the funds raised through chapter fundraising and/or donations contribute to PEPY students’ scholarships. We hope that through our partnership, each organization or school is able to identify funding opportunities that will support one scholarship student’s entire education each year (approximately $5,000-$7,000). 

If you are a teacher, school representative, or student interested in bringing a PEPY chapter to your organization or learning institution, we invite you to start the process to make you an official recognized chapter by submitting your initial application here. To help you get started, we have already drafted several documents and print-outs to help build your club: 

Annual Report 2018

'School for Scholar' Overview and Files

If you would like more help or ideas, or have suggestions for us, just let us know at