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Posted on: October 29, 2010 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

PEPY Reader

By Eric Lewis

Here at PEPY it’s no secret that we believe education is a key to development – not only in rural Cambodia, but in every aspect of life. Whether a goal is personal, professional, or social, being educated about issues that are important to us is our first step toward improvement. It is this reasoning that motivates PEPY to continually re-evaluate its programs and practices, seeking always to better understand our roles and our resources.

One role, we have found, is to share our ideas and experiences with others. We communicate our lessons learned with you, with partner nonprofits and social ventures, with other tour providers, and so on. In keeping with this mentality, we have recently launched a new website, The PEPY Reader. The Reader is a site where we post articles, videos, and other media that we at PEPY are reading, watching, and discussing. It’s a great way to stay keyed in to what’s being shared and talked about, in real time, here in Cambodia. For ease of use, enter your email address in the space on the right-hand side of the site to receive notification of new posts (we update a few times per week).

We are constantly seeking to educate ourselves about the issues that are important to us: social entrepreneurship, Cambodian current events, responsible travel, sustainable development, and many more. Given our education-focused mentality, it only makes sense for PEPY to share its favorite resources with you. Now anyone can follow along and add to the conversations at PEPY from anywhere around the world. We’d love to see you comment on posts, share your own ideas, and spread the word about the things that inspire you. Joining the PEPY conversation is a great place to begin!