PEPY NYC Fundraiser- Join us!

Posted on: September 26, 2009 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

PEPY NYC Fundraiser- Join us!

Join us in New York on October 1st! (and maybe YOU can be our second PEPY wedding!)

Do you know these cake-eating-newly-weds? If you have been to any of the last three PEPY NYC fundraisers, you might have met them! Omer and Stephanie met at a PEPY fundraiser in NY a few years back. Stephanie came to the event with Sirena, Daniela’s cousin. Omer came with Suribabu, Pramod’s brother. They met at the PEPY NYC event, and here they are in front of you on your screen eating wedding cake. Our first official PEPY-induced wedding….. awwwww.  Congratulations Stephanie and Omer! 

Now, we can’t make any wedding promises, but join us in NYC on October 1st, and we CAN promise awesome people, great jazz, the world’s best wine… and hopefully some cake.

Pramod Thummala is organizing the event again this year along with Daniela’s dad, Giuseppe Papi.  The event will be in a beautiful loft in Midtown West which is being donated for the event by the generous Barison Family…. THANK YOU! If you want to join us on October first, visit for more information or drop us an email at

If you are based in Chicago, join us for our first annual Chicago gathering on October 13! Write to for more information.