PEPY staff and students are thrilled to welcome local and international youth organizations, learning exchange programs, and school programs to our Learning Center in Siem Reap. We see it as an incredibly and unique opportunity for both student groups and teachers to share their culture and life experiences with each other, forming life long friendships and memories in the process. Overtime, international exchanges and projects have become an integral part of our Youth Empowerment and English language classes.

In addition to partnering on classroom projects and engaging with our students and team, our team uses their extensive knowledge in coordinating trips, managing bookings, and providing or organizing tours for visitors to ensure they get an in-depth look at Siem Reap Province. Cambodia has a rich and incredible history that we are proud to share with visitors. Since our team takes considerable efforts to manage visitors’ stay that takes up a lot of planning and time, we humbly request visitors to provide a donation to PEPY. For details on donation rates and exchange opportunities, reach out to us via email at

Educator Exchanges

PEPY often welcomes volunteers to assist in our Learning Center projects to help us evolve and improve our lessons and teaching techniques. Over the last few years, we have had the pleasure of hosting an Irish Teacher Exchange. For 3 weeks in July, multiple teachers from Ireland provide lessons to our students and participate in tours put together by our team. Beyond that, two PEPY team members and students are selected by PEPY every year to go to Ireland to share their stories and provide lessons to PEPY’s Irish partners and run workshops in schools.

This opportunity is sponsored by several incredible partners in Ireland who are dedicated to providing educators a profound experience that shapes the way educators in both countries teach as a result. For more details on the Irish Teachers Exchanges you can read our blog post on the subject here.


Peer to Peer Exchanges

Each year, schools and exchange programs partner with PEPY to bring recent high school graduates or higher education students to the Learning Center to engage with our students. This can be a multi-day program or an afternoon visit in combination with Siem Reap tours and activities. During the visit, youths participate in games, learn dances from each others countries, interview each other, and share stories. For longer programs, youths conduct projects and give presentations to each other, learning about how their countries compare or differ. Overtime many of these exchanges continue overseas with youth groups or teachers conducting events or activities that bring a bit of Cambodian culture to their respective communities. If you are interested in hosting an event or planning an activity to increase your communities understand of Cambodian culture or connect more with our students, we urge you to consider getting involved in our PEPY Ambassador or ‘School for Scholar’ PEPY Chapter initiative.

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