PEPY by the Numbers in 2009

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PEPY by the Numbers in 2009

This month, as we look back at the year, we wanted to share some of the statistics and fun numbers we have kept track of in 2009.  Click on the links to read more about each statistic!

Chanleas Dai
Villages in our target area of Chanleas Dai Commune: 11
Families in the commune: 1,700
Percentage of government teachers in the area without any formal teacher training: 40%
Typical monthly salary of a government teacher in Chanleas Dai:$35
Percentage of rice yield lost in Chanleas Dai due to severe flooding in October: 50-80%

PEPY Programs
Schools PEPY works with: 14
PSDP pilot program schools: 2
Government teachers PEPY supports through training: 62
Days of training supported: 64 (and that’s just since we started counting in May!)
Schools constructed in 2009: 4

Monthly average of books checked out of our Chanleas Dai library:  1,334
Classroom library shelves installed at 10 schools: 50
Total classroom library books: 10,000+
Students who joined PEPY’s second literacy camp: 443 (a 100% increase from last year!)
Published Khmer books written by PEPY staff: 3

Children participating in our 15 Child Clubs: 350
Days of life skills training provided for Child Club leaders: 19

AUW scholars recruited: 5
Teachers PEPY is supporting to obtain their high school equivalency: 16
PEPY students and staff who spent the summer in Vermont: 6
Teachers PEPY supported in 2009 through monthly food support: 17
Primary schools with PEPY-supported English classes: 5
Junior high students studying in our English and Creative Learning Classes: 232

Lessons Learned: Countless

PEPY Staff
Current Khmer PEPY staff: 36
Current paid foreign staff: 4
Khmer staff who are currently studying: 15
Foreign volunteer staff who have worked with us in 2009: 19
Khmer interns who have joined us in 2009: 6
PEPY staff babies welcomed into the world in 2009: 3
(Congratulations Mama Sak, Papa Aim and Papa Sovandy!)
PEPY staff weddings planned in 2010: 5
Countries represented by PEPY’s interns in 2009: 12
Collective kilometers PEPY staff ran or biked in last weekend’s Angkor Race and Marathon: 232
Estimated years until PEPY Program Officer Thul Rithy becomes Cambodia’s prime minister: 17

PEPY Dollars
Individual donors in 2009: 532
Median donation amount: $40
Funds raised to date in 2009 through individual donations: $298,568
Funds received through the support of Dubai Cares to build three schools and operate educational tours for Dubai Cares volunteers: $238,237
Total funds spent to date on education projects in 2009: $ 499,445
Percentage of your personal donations that have gone/will go directly to program work: 100%
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PEPY Tours
Number of you who have traveled with us in 2009: 103
Number of trips: 15
Youngest trip participant: 5 years old
Oldest trip participant: 80 years old
Number of returning participants: 4

PEPY Media
Number of websites we’ve developed (Thanks, webmaster!): 5 (,,,,
Number of Facebook friends: 943 (are you one of them?)
Number of Twitter followers: 727 (follow us now!)
PEPY’s ranking on Twitter within Cambodia: 1
Number of YOU who subscribed to our newsletter: 4,322
Number of you who read it: well, we’re not sure, but we believe it’s higher than the stats say.  Why don’t you check out some of our Team Journal postings and leave a comment or two?  We’d love to talk with you!

Want to join, support or help grow our numbers?  Are there numbers you’d like to have included on this list?  Get in touch!