If you had the opportunity to visit PEPY or are inspired by our students and our team after learning about our work, there are a few ways you can help amplify our mission or share our story with others. 

PEPY Ambassadors

PEPY Ambassadors are individuals very important to PEPY’s success who help ensure that people know about our work and our students and help build our network of advocates and supporters. They are often previous PEPY visitors or volunteers, but can even be someone who has just heard about the work we do. Ambassadors can hold events, fundraisers, or promote PEPY on social media. Our Communications Team works closely with ambassadors who can choose to partner on fundraising campaigns or events. Ambassadors benefit by developing increased fundraising and/or event management skills under the mentorship of our Communications Team that they can apply to other professional opportunities. The PEPY Communications Team is happy to provide recommendation letters when applicable. 

Examples of applicable events or activities can include but are not limited to: 

  • Movie Nights 
  • Inviting a Speaker to a school or club meeting 
  • Hosting a book club with literature centered on Cambodian contemporary or ancient history 
  • International Food Event or bake sale incorporating traditional Khmer foods
  • Auction

Ambassador Stories  

smaller jess
Meet Jess!

Jess is a professional tattoo artist from the U.S. who visited the PEPY Learning Center in March, 2019 to give an art workshop to the students. The experience had a lasting impact on the students, staff, and Jess!

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Since his visit, he has been a top PEPY Ambassador supporting annual fundraising events and helping PEPY identify partners in his community. For example, he held a week-long tattoo fundraiser where a percentage of each tattoo went to PEPY.

scutella 3
scutella 4

Not only was Jess able to raise $2000 for PEPY in only a week, all of the supporters received beautiful and unique tattoos!


When he was asked why he continues to do so much to support PEPY, he said, "I saw the truth and resolve in the students and staff of PEPY. There is respect for the pursuit of learning about oneself. Which, in many ways, rebuilt the courage in me to try new things and grow; whether it is in art, my business, or in life’s oddities."


He has made an incredible difference ensuring both the success of our fundraising campaigns and the continuation of art and creative development workshops for students.


You can see more of his work and his positive content by following his Instagram HERE

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Jess Scutella- Tattooist and artist to PEPY advocate. Instagram: HERE

If you are interested to become a PEPY Ambassador, or just want to hold an event or activity on behalf of PEPY and want some ideas on what to do, we ask that you reach out to us by email at contact@pepyempoweringyouth.org.

Here are some print outs and additional information for your use and to help you get started: 

Annual Report 2018

PEPY Ambassador Files

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