Partnership Launch: our friends in Ireland

Posted on: January 16, 2014 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Partnership Launch: our friends in Ireland

DPETNS blog photo copyPEPY is delighted to officially launch the new partnership with DPETNS.  DPETNS is based in Ireland, a school dedicated to the ‘learn together’ methodology that advocates the importance of global citizenship and understanding cultures different to your own.

It all began in August, when four passionate educators were visiting Cambodia with an aim to identify a locally based NGO to become charity of choice for the school they work at. We were thrilled to discover that they had been hearing good things about PEPY’s work and our commitment to transparency.

“Our goal was to enhance the teaching and learning of global citizenship in DPETNS.  Once we read about PEPY, met Amy McLoughlin and saw some of the fantastic work they do we were very keen to establish a partnership. 

Student centred learning, working with and not for students, critical thinking and our impact on the environment are all common features of our two organisations. The transparency and willingness to be self-critical is also something that impressed our school greatly.

We knew they were for us.  Thanks to our shared values luckily PEPY knew we were for them also”. – Colm Byrne, DPETNS

DPETNS – our partners in Ireland

We’ve kick-started this partnership through two great activities. Here’s some insights into the journey so far:

penpal letterLetter Exchange

Seng’s English Class has been full of excited energy of late, as students prepared to exchange letters with their new found friends in Ireland. This opportunity allows children to engage with native English speakers to improve their reading and writing skills, as well as expand their mind as they learn about new countries and cultures.


Colm Byrne, DPENTS’s Learn Together Coordinator, joined us for the PEPY Ride IX. He says:

“PEPY Ride IX afforded me the opportunity to learn more about the PEPY organisation and to go on a learning adventure like no other.  Over the course of the 19 days I spent on the PEPY Ride I learned a lot about sustainable development, responsible giving and challenging my previously held beliefs”. 

Looking ahead…

In 2014, PEPY are very excited to be developing the following activities:

  • Fundraising – as DPETNS’s charity of choice, our friends in Ireland have an exciting line up of fundraising activities to raise money for PEPY programs in Cambodia.
  • Capacity building voluntary support – DPETNS staff are qualified teachers with a breadth of knowledge about various teaching techniques that can build the capacity of PEPY classroom facilitators. We are currently exploring opportunities for DPETNS volunteers to join our team voluntarily later this year.

“I look forward greatly to our partnership with PEPY continuing to go from strength to strength and hopefully returning to Cambodia in the near future”. – Colm Byrne, DPENTS