Sarakk Rith- Executive Director

Sarakk started as PEPY’s English Teacher before becoming a Senior Program Manager and then Executive Director in 2015. Sarakk has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Build Bright University, 2016. He was inspired by his father who said education would help him go further. He feels honored to work at PEPY with a team who works from their hearts to help young people reach their potential.

Konnitha Sien- Finance & Admin Manager

Konnitha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from University of South East Asia. She has worked at PEPY for over 9 years in the Finance and Accounting Department. Her parents taught her education is the only asset that no one can steal. She loves working to provide youth chances to study at universities and receive training.

Manin Oem- Operations Manager

Manin joined PEPY in 2012 and uses his IT skills to support the Communications Department and office, and has facilitated ICT lessons. He is proud to help younger generations to improve their technological capacities and help them get skilled jobs. He has a bachelor’s in Computer Science, and is currently studying for a master’s degree in General Management at the University of South East-Asia.

Kathryn McDaniel- Partnerships & Development Man.

Kathryn comes to PEPY after 2 years as a Food Security Volunteer in Peace Corps Nepal. She brings fundraising experience, having directed her own U.S. NGO chapter, and is passionate about grassroots sustainable development. She graduated from University of Redlands with a degree in Envi. Policy & Management and Political Science, 2nd major.

Channa Kev- Learning Center Program Manager

Channa, a former PEPY scholar, majored in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Build Bright University, Siem Reap. Channa was recruited to be a Scholarship Officer and was promoted to Learning Center Program Manager in 2019. Channa’s dream is to see his community grow. Channa works hard at PEPY to contribute to young people having similar opportunities as him.

Savoeng Skut- Student Outreach Program Manager

Savoeng is a former PEPY scholar and oversees all Dream Management and Scholarship program’s activities. Savoeng graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Management from Build Bright University (BBU), Siem Reap. For Savoeng, being a PEPY scholar allowed him to support his family and improve their economic status. He is thrilled to support young people who are in the same situation he was in.

Sokpheaktra Thy- Finance & Admin. Assistant

Sokpheaktra graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Vanda Institute in 2017 with PEPY’s scholarship and has been working for PEPY since 2017. She enjoys reading books, cycling, listening to music, and going for a walk around ancient temple. Sokpheaktra strongly believes in PEPY students’ ability to apply the skills they have learned to improve their lives. 

Kim Ann- Youth Empowerment Officer

Kim Ann is originally from a farming family in Kralanh, Siem Reap province. She is the only one in her family who was able to pursue higher education through PEPY’s Scholarship Program. She is pursuing a Tourism Management Degree at Build Bright University. In the future, she hopes to pursue her master’s degree abroad.

Rattana Mai- Scholarship Program Officer

Rattana comes to PEPY after studying at Anjali House and recently graduated from Tompkins Cortland Community College, NY, USA. At PEPY, Rattana strives to provide opportunities for students from rural areas to access higher education and uplift their communities. Rattana is happy to be on a team that works to make Cambodia a wonderful place to live.

Soury Phonn- English Teacher

Soury was a PEPY scholarship student in 2014, and has been PEPY’s English Teacher at our Learning Center since 2017. “PEPY students motivate me to work hard and develop effective methods to maximize learning and motivation,” she said.

Sipou Chhoeunh- ICT Teacher

Sipou is a 2018 PEPY scholarship recipient from Kralanh District. He studies IT at the University of South-East Asia with a focus in coding and programming. Sipou is excited to be an ICT teacher and believes this opportunity will only help his skills develop. He is passionate about promoting ICT skills to Cambodian youth and helping them develop to feel excited about their computer work.

Dena By- Dream Management Program Officer

Dena has worked for PEPY for almost 4 years. She was a PEPY scholar and graduated from Vanda Institute of Accounting in 2017 with an Accounting degree. She provides sessions to students, works with the local school/officials, seeks potential speakers, and organizes events. She aspires to see young Cambodians get a higher education and find professional work.

Chhunnay Bin-Dream Management Program Officer

Chhunnay is from Kralanh. He moved to Siem Reap in 2016 as a PEPY scholarship student to study law at the University of South East Asia. Chhunnay is very excited about his job because he can use his skills to support Cambodian youth, and he hopes to help his community increase its educational and technological capacities in the future.

Mara Chek- Dream Management Program Officer

Mara graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Banking at Vanda Institute of Accounting in 2017. Mara worked in the tourism industry as a Sales Leader before joining PEPY in October 2019. When she was in high school, it was difficult for her and other students to plan their lives after graduating. Thus, she strongly believes that Dream Class will help students to prepare and set their future goals.

Sokhum Khik – Cleaner

Sokhum has been PEPY’s Cleaner since 2014. Due to the war in Cambodia, she only studied until grade 3. However, she can read and write in Khmer very well. She was married at age 30 and has two sons and one daughter. She and her husband work hard to financially support their children. “Only education can help my children have bright futures,” she says.

Phalla Doung- English Learning Project Volunteer

Phalla graduated from PEPY’s Learning Center in 2019. Phalla is currently studying to be an English Teacher in Pannasastra University. Phalla hopes to see the students improve their English language skills and reach their dreams. After graduating from school, she plans to pursue study abroad to learn more about Educational Leadership.

Chaktokrong Chhly- Data Collector

Chaktokrong graduated from PEPY’s Learning Center in October 2019, and then became our Data Collector. He currently studies IT at the University of South-East Asia (USEA). He hopes to continue to improve his English language and communications skills and help other youth in their pursuit of education.