Mr. Choch Cho- Board Chairman

Mr. Cho was inducted to the Board and selected to be Board Chairman in April 2020. Although new to the position, Cho has a longstanding relationship with PEPY since 2009, working as a Tour Guide for PEPY Tours, PEPY’s social enterprise partner. Since then, Cho moved on to start Siem Reap Property Services in 2016. Cho says, “I left PEPY physically but my heart never left.” He returns excited to contribute to an organization that represents his values and dreams for even more positive community development in Cambodia.  

Ms. Sun Sreyneag- Treasurer


Mrs. Sreyneang became a PEPY board member in April 2020. She was an Accountant at PEPY Tour, a social enterprise supporting PEPY’s programs. She then followed her dream of working in accounting, finance, and taxation in Phnom Penh. With years of experience in both private and public sectors, Sreyneang has so much to offer as the Board Treasurer. She hopes that her knowledge and experience will contribute to achieving PEPY’s missions and goals, and is happy to be a part of PEPY’s family again.

Mr. Chum Lout- Board Member


Mr. Chum Lout, graduated with a degree in English literature from Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2010. He has since worked several with different local and international organizations in Cambodia in addition to working for PEPY in 2010 as an officer in our Community Development Program. Today he works for Kampuchea Action to Promote Education ( KAPE) in Kong Meas district as a facilitator. He is so thrilled to be back working with PEPY to try his best to support the needs of PEPY’s team.

Ms. Sokha Sam- Board Member


Ms. Sokha has been a PEPY board member since February 2018. She brings over 10 years of experience working in the hotel industry and 2 years experience in the real estate industry, as well as a Masters degree in business. Serving on this board is important to her because she wants to see a future where young Cambodians are able to enjoy a higher standard of living. She believes that education creates opportunities for self growth and leadership.

Ms. Kimsru Duth- Board Member


Kimsru officially joined PEPY as a Board Member in July of 2021. Kimsru has been a longstanding PEPY team member and ambassador before joining the board. She served as PEPY’s Program Manager for 5 years and left the organization on August of 2019 to pursue a career in Phnom Penh. Kimsru is now the Communications Manager at Crystal Pharma, but always remaining consistently in touch with PEPY as a donor, advisor, and partner.