Meet some of PEPY’s newest Scholarship Students!

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Meet some of PEPY’s newest Scholarship Students!

IMG_2246PEPY’s Promotion 7 Scholarship students have been in Siem Reap City for almost two months, and now that they’ve settled in are happy to share about their thoughts and experiences so far. They were asked about their challenges, why they wanted a PEPY Scholarship, and their short- and long-term goals.

All students faced significant financial obstacles to continuing their education. As Sophim explained, “My family did not have enough money to support my education, and I did not know about [how to make a plan to go to] university.” Phenhchet Surt had to work especially hard to convince his family: “My parents did not have money for me to continue education, and told me that farming at home is better than going to school. But I kept talking to my parents and gave them many reasons for me to continue studying, and with the help of my brother who also talked to them, they decided to let me try.” Leour Laoh even had to work to get through high school: “I spent much time to help my family in their work, and I often tried to find money for myself during school vacation. “I applied for PEPY’s scholarship because I wanted to improve my knowledge and capacity to have a better future,” said student Pha Phoeuy. Sokvouen Choeng explained, “I wanted to continue my studies at university, but not only that, I also love PEPY’s learning curriculum and the way they share knowledge.” Surt added: “PEPY takes into account scholarship students’ feedback for programs, offers social support, and gives many local and international opportunities.” Leour explained that he was able to see the positive changes that former PEPY students made as Scholarship students who were from his community: “I saw how much the older students changed when they came to learn in PEPY, especially in their communication abilities, bravery, and knowledge.”

They have many lofty goals for their post-university lives. English literature, tourism, management, “I want to be an ICT expert at a famous company,” said Phearom Meach. Laoh has international plans, but with a community focus: “After getting a [bachelor’s] degree I will apply for a scholarship to get my masters degree abroad. My dream is to be an English professor, and I will make myself to be a good teacher who can help other students like PEPY helped me.” Som Sort would also like to study abroad in the United States. Others have bigger goals. “My goals after getting a degree are to find a job, and I will work hard to help my parents and younger siblings so they can continue studying like me. I will be a good citizen in society, and I want to see my nation become more prosperous and peaceful,” said Sokvoeun.

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