New PEPY Tours Site Launch

Posted on: February 22, 2008 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

New PEPY Tours Site Launch

Students at the PEPY Ride School


This site is launching just as solar is being added to the PEPY Ride School, enough to power the 100 XOs and laptops for our teachers. This will not only be more environmentally friendly for us, but will also (hopefully!) save us money on gasoline in the long run.

As this site comes out, we are interviewing for a new accountant as our lovely Chenda has just been approved for a US visa and will be leaving to learn English in just a few weeks. We are excited for her, but will be so sad to see her go.

Although it’s still on our site (we know!), the February PEPY Ride is pulling into the beaches of Sihanoukville, the final destination of their cycle journey from the capital. We are also about to announce our first bike ride in Laos…. keep checking in 🙂

And, as you read this, Aline is planning more interviews. Next Thursday she will interview candidates for the Child Facilitator roles, people in the community of Chanleas Dai who will lead student club meetings to disseminate health and educational information throughout the community powered by student initiatives.

It’s all happening!

PEPY Tours is a social venture making these educational programs and inspiring tours of Cambodia possible, and we hope you enjoy our new interactive platform from which to learn about our work. An even better way to learn about our work though is to come out and join us, so please do! Welcome to PEPY Tours!

– Daniela