Music and Art Lessons with MES – Siem Reap

Posted on: December 14, 2016 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Music and Art Lessons with MES – Siem Reap

guitar lessonsWe’re learning music and we’re drawing, too!

The PEPY Scholars are now in their second month with Music For Everyone School – Siem Reap, learning how to play the guitar and how to draw. Music For Everyone School or MES is a free music and art school in Siem Reap that aims to help Khmer students get introduced to the language of music and the beauty of the arts to awaken natural skills and talent.

The PEPY scholars attend classes at MES every Thursdays and Fridays and can now play some songs with the guitar and do basic drawings in pencil. Most of our students enjoy the drawing lessons as it allows them to express themselves with more flexibility and individuality. The lessons also are proving to be effective in building their concentration skills and letting them explore their creative sides.

learning music

Their music and art teachers are also well received by the students. They can feel the support and encouragement in every class. Shila and Bunthai are really good at what they do and are great teachers for students who are just discovering their love for music and drawing. Lessons are relaxed and full of fun and the MES teachers serve as inspirations to the students.

It is always inspiring to work with other local organisations that are also doing their part in helping the young people of Cambodia rise from poverty. PEPY is honoured to partner with MES and have them guide our students towards music and art appreciation, a lesson as important as any for the new generation of Khmers.