We’ve moved – NEW Learning Center

Posted on: August 26, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

We’ve moved – NEW Learning Center

Have you heard the exciting news? We’re opening a Learning Center in Siem Reap!

Seak Learning CenterAs you may already know, PEPY’s working hard to achieve our goal to increase the percentage of Kralanh graduates accessing skilled employment. We’re doing this by ensuring our strategic direction supports university students obtain higher education, through our recently expanded Scholarship program.

Since we will be supporting students attending higher education courses in Siem Reap, we have relocated our PEPY HQ to be closer to them to a thriving business development in the heart of the town. Our new location houses our offices downstairs, and upstairs, you can find our new Learning Center spread over two floors.

(What about being close to younger rural students? Fear not! PEPY Program staff working in Kralanh district have a new office space too, and you can find them in Chanleas Dai Junior High School).

To encourage students benefiting from PEPY scholarships to get the extra wow-factor when it comes to the world of work, our Learning Center is going to provide a whole suite of extra-curricular classes. Students will be attending the following exciting classes:

  • English – Not just the text book stuff! We’ll be promoting employability skills through the English language, such as critical thinking.
  • ICT – Communication through technology is really important in securing jobs. We’ll be providing creative classes to enhance knowledge of how to use ICT effectively.
  • Soft Skill Training – Confidence, Communication, Leadership, and Problem Solving are all attributes we hope students will be oozing once they have attended these sessions 4 hours each week.
  • Career Mentorship – We’ll be providing résumé, cover letter and interview technique workshops to help prepare students for their own career path.

Furthermore, we’ll also be hosting the following activities:

  • Inspirational Speakers – Our Center will be hosting speakers several times a year, showcasing Cambodian role models who have achieved success in their professional life. We’ll also be facilitating forums between potential employers and students, so they can learn more about the job market.
  • Internships and Volunteering – To help students enhance their work experience and build their confidence, we’ll be connecting students with temporary opportunities.

We’ve moved!

Kimsru PEPY Moved copyYou can find us at our new address (please don’t send post to us here, you can use our PO box) below. Please drop by and say hello! We’d love to show you around our new home.

No. 28 St Preah Khan
Borey Proem Prey
Trapang Ses Commune
Kok Chok District
Siem Reap