Made in Cambodia

Posted on: March 15, 2011 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Made in Cambodia


Greetings from the PEPY Products team! We wanted to take a moment to let you know about all the products that we offer through PEPY in order to further support development efforts in Cambodia. Proceeds from our products help provide a sustainable income to people in underprivileged areas of Cambodia. By supporting local artisans, you can invest in community businesses and help provide a livable income for Cambodian vendors.

The PEPY Hipster is a money belt designed to be worn around your hip. The Hipster is made from a kroma – a traditional Cambodian scarf – to hold the valuable things you want to keep safe. There is a divided inside pocket to separate your money, credit cards, passport, and cell phone.

Production materials for the Hipster include:

  • A khroma
  • Scrap fabric recycled from the unused materials in garment production. These beautiful fabrics make each and every hipster unique.
  • Locally-sourced buttons made of plastic, metal, fabric, or coconut shell.
  • Hidden zippers to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Hipsters are made of good quality fabric produced locally in Cambodia, providing a sustainable income for women and young people. Livable wages as well as life-skills training are offered in all locations where the Hipsters are made, contributing to a chance to improve their health and education. If the demand for the Hipster continues to grow, PEPY plans to open a women’s skills training center in rural Siem Reap that will include the Hipster in their product range.

In addition, the purchase of your Hipster will support organizations working for change on the ground in Cambodia, such as M’lop Tapang in Sihanoukville and PEPY in Siem Reap.

We also sell T-shirts that are made in Cambodia. The shirts all have different quotes and design characters to reflect education in Cambodia and making the world better. The PEPY T-shirts are printed on soft 100% cotton and are available in the local market.

Last year we started improving our PEPY books, along with help from designers Maria Perez and Bopha Soth. Here are a few of the titles we worked on:

Friends Around The World is a result from a cultural exchange between students in Chanleas Dai and Kyoto International School. Through this book, you can learn about the different cultures and what the students’ interests are, for example, foods, favorite place, etc. All texts and pictures in the book were written and illustrated by those students.

PEPY’s Quote Book is full of famous sayings that inspire. It has quotes that relate to our daily life and work. It is divided into five parts: travel, activism, education, the environment, and self-reflection.

Let’s Learn Letters! is a series of books created for primary Khmer readers. The first Khmer consonant book, Let’s Learn Letters – KOR, has already been published, and the following books will be published soon. This series is written and illustrated by the students in the Creative Learning Class at Chanleas Dai junior high school.

We also translated several titles by the publisher Big Brother Mouse, which were originally published in Lao. These titles include Where Do You Go, No Banana, and The Opposite. These books teach children about colors, body parts, and the names of animals.

Our products can be purchased in various locations around Siem Reap, including Soria Moria, Rogue, and our PEPY office. PEPY products are also available in Phnom Penh at the Rajana Association.