Lego lovers school vacation fun!

Posted on: August 6, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Lego lovers school vacation fun!

Lego workshop August 2013Students at Chanleas Dai Junior High School have been having lots of fun getting creative during their school vacation at a PEPY Green City Lego Workshop. This 10 day workshop has mostly focused on creativity through Lego, with also some time spent building beautiful pieces of art from recycling materials.

The aim of this workshop was to encourage students to become creative with Lego. Pov, the workshop leader, was really impressed with the ability of the students who began learning how to build by following instruction manuals, but were soon able to create their own designs.

Most students built cars, which they named the Landcruiser and Oscar. Some children also enjoyed building a wind turbine and they even built a model hydraulic dam for the Tonle Sap!

“I joined Lego workshop because I am interested to know how to use Lego…I want to learn how to build” – Kimsen, 14 years old

“My favorite thing about Lego workshop is making a car with my friends, we called it ‘Hammer’” – Sour, 14 years old

If you can read Khmer, Pov recorded the activity of the workshop through this blog.

Challenges faced

  • 12 students enrolled to take part but several students were absent several times because they were finding it difficult to attend due to the distance from home to the school (8km).
  • The students felt the most difficult thing was to make a house they built to rotate on a platform of cogs. Pov helped the students solve the problem themselves by giving clues how to find the solution, but they found using the cogs very challenging.