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In the wake of COVID-19, many Cambodian youth are losing their jobs and hotels/tour agencies are closing indefinitely. Youths and their families depend on the income of city based jobs to purchase food/basic items for the house. Many PEPY students study tourism and hospitality in Siem Reap and currently 25% of our students/alumni have lost their jobs. At the Learning Center, we introduce skills applicable to many career fields; this lab allows students to expand their potential to find new opportunities, study, or teach to support their family.

We want students and staff to be more entrepreneurial and skilled in technology to meet the demands of a developing and rapidly changing world. Currently, students attend the Learning Center for one year studying basic computer classes like Microsoft Office, video editing, emailing, and Google Docs. This lab will allow current and former students to explore applications, self teach, and design videos/web-pages. We plan to develop a stronger curriculum, create a hub space for exchanging ideas and hosting coding/developer club meetings, enabling Khmer youth to be technologically proficient. We are currently raising funds to purchase second hand and several new computers to establish our tech library.