Leadership for Literacy and Bike Repair Clubs

Posted on: February 19, 2010 Posted by: Kaia Smith Comments: 0

Leadership for Literacy and Bike Repair Clubs

By Maria Hach, Program Intern

Here at PEPY we are getting ready to introduce two exciting new programs: Bike Repair Clubs and Leadership for Literacy. Both programs will see students from Chanleas Dai Primary School and Chanleas Dai Junior High School in roles that will encourage confidence building and self empowerment through peer teaching.

Recognizing that our Bike to School Program is likely our least sustainable program—but realizing that a broken bicycle or the lack of a bicycle is often the reason given by students who have dropped out of school or who are absent for a long period—we have decided to modify this program and introduce Bike Repair Clubs. These clubs will provide technical and leadership opportunities for junior high school students who will repair bikes in their school as well as surrounding primary schools. This means that students of all ages who are registered in school can benefit from having their bikes repaired. A micro-lending aspect will also be involved, and this will be managed by club members. Students can pay back the cost of the required bike part in small amounts, on a weekly basis. This means that the family will not need to wait until they can afford to fix their child’s bike, making it possible for the child to keep attending school. Through Bike Repair Clubs, students will not only have the opportunity to learn practical skills, but also enhance their soft skills such as team building, problem solving and critical thinking by working together with their peers. It is a simple yet stimulating idea, and hopefully the kids will have a lot of fun in the process!

The Leadership for Literacy Program begins next month, and involves both Chanleas Dai Primary School and Junior High School. Inspired by PEPY’s Community Program Manager Khouth Awatd, who recognized the significant impact of student-led initiatives, Leadership for Literacy aims to empower young people to make positive changes in their communities through tutoring mentorships. By being paired as tutors to young under-achieving students at the primary school, eighth and ninth grade students will learn how to teach and mentor their peers, while also actively taking part in promoting education in their village. Mentors will be trained on simple teaching methods through engaging and interactive activities. They will then be in charge of planning and scheduling their sessions, and also recording their thoughts after each lesson. While improved literacy will hopefully be an outcome of this program, Leadership for Literacy also aspires to create a young generation of leaders and role models who believes in their ability to improve education in their community. The name says it all, really, and we believe that it has the potential to support young leaders in a very meaningful and powerful way!

Stay tuned as we post pictures and updates from the program!