JETs fundraise for PEPY with a 70km bike ride

Posted on: July 31, 2014 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

JETs fundraise for PEPY with a 70km bike ride

In May this year, 52 enthusiastic members from Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET), from 16 prefectures took part in the Block 9 Shimanami Kaido Charity Cycle for PEPY. The ride took place over 2 days and the group cycled about 70km over 6 islands.

Daniela Papi, founder of PEPY was a JET member when she first came to Cambodia in 2004. It is wonderful that the members of the JET Program are still supporting PEPY and its programs today.


A very BIG thank you to all the JET members involved for raising a fantastic $1066 for PEPY!!

Here are testimonials from some of the participants:

– Akilah Bel – Hiroshima Prefecture

“Cycling the Shimanami Kaido was a rewarding experience. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to handle 70 + Km since I had never tried doing anything like it before, but I figured with a large group it would be great fun. It turned out to be much more thrilling and exciting than I ever anticipated. The beautiful scenery around adds and ambiance of sure bliss when you are riding. It was unforgettable and in many ways almost magical. It’s definitely worth a try.”

– Dave Webb – Okayama Prefecture

“In the home that I was raised in, I was taught that it is really a blessing to give then to receive. In cycling for charity, the funds raised benefits the needy at the same, it eats up the calories …….. Shimanami kaido, the riders, the guesthouse and the meals were fabulous and awesome let alone the high rated splendorous scenery of the inland sea of Setounaikai and its beautiful landscape. I would particularly recommend Shimanami kaido if you so want to either ride for pleasure or for charity that you can see all varieties of different rural Japanese landscapes and marvel at the track, the bridges and seafront – awesome engineering. I’m indebted for the experience and fun in this year’s charity bike ride event….The only person you need to impress and satisfy with cycling is yourself. So just ride and be happy.”

– Diana Strehlow – Mie Prefecture

“This ride is definitely a highlight of my year. I met a lot of great people who were up for the challenge and a good cause. The ride was difficult at times, but overall having crossed 6 islands, seeing a stunning view of the Seto inland sea, and eating the local goodies along the way made the 70k all worth it.”