Want to invest in a brighter future?

Posted on: November 4, 2013 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Want to invest in a brighter future?

PEPY supporter, now is the time to show your mettle!

As you’ve heard, we’ve just opened a brand new Learning Center in Siem Reap. In empowering Cambodian youth to achieve their dreams, what is the role of a Learning Center?

We’ve prepared a short video to explain just how our Learning Center will foster leaders, inject confidence, and inspire exciting career paths. Enjoy:



Do you share our vision? This is the perfect chance for you to contribute.

We’ve awarded scholarships, planned a variety of classes, and arranged a whole host of programs.

Now all we need is funding – this is where you come in.

Your contribution will fund speaker series, field trips, and job presentations for PEPY scholarship students. Along with our Learning Center, your contribution will be the bridge between a university graduate and his or her dream job.

“Philanthropists should find innovations that release the energies of people. Individuals don’t want to be taken care of — they need to be given a chance to fulfill their own potential.” – John Gardner

Give Cambodian youth a chance to fulfill their potential. .