In transition: Chanleas Dai schools take ownership of PEPY projects

Posted on: August 22, 2012 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

In transition: Chanleas Dai schools take ownership of PEPY projects

Transition Workshop

On August 3rd PEPY arranged a Transition Workshop for our library, classroom library and SAS projects. The workshop aimed to present future plans for when PEPY hands projects over to the community. We focused on connecting communities, school principals, school clusters, the Department of Education and local authorities in order to acknowledge project plans and encourage them to take ownership.

There were 35 participants including teachers and principals from eight schools where the Classroom Library and SAS projects currently run. Mr. Tep Saren, the chief of the Department of Education (DoE) was also present during the meeting.

The workshop was opened by Kimline Nuch, the chair of PEPY’s EMC. She expressed her excitement in joining this workshop and acknowledged all the stakeholders PEPY are working with. PEPY’s vision and mission were mentioned to make it clear what our commitment to Cambodia youth is. Finally, she thanked supporters of our projects and noted that PEPY will continue to encourage them to foster young people in community.

The workshop participants shared their observations of changes in their schools. They commented that students and teachers in their schools and villages had changed their behavior showing more interest in reading by borrowing books from the library, studying English and learning computer skills. They noted children have gained more confidence and now like to volunteer to help their community. Mr. Tem Saren added that young leader groups, such as the Volunteer Community Development team, have formed an important role in improving themselves and their community in terms of education and environmental issues. Mr Saren considered that this change had been inspired through PEPY programs.

Schools in S’mach, Phreah Lean, Sela Romdol, Khnachor, Run, Tramkong and Chanleas Dai will continue with the Classroom Library project from Oct 2012-July 2013. During this time the School Directors will provide training for new teachers, and facilitate classroom observations, fundraising activities, the implementation of a curriculum and book repairing. PEPY and the DoE will receive reports and continue to share advice with the community as they take ownership, to make sure the project is run effectively.

Chanleas Dai primary school will receive more support because further training for the Library is needed. From Oct 2012– July 2013 training with be provided to teachers and students on how to manage the Library. A student council team will be created along with a curriculum and information on how to take care of books. Other activities the school have planned to support the Library include reporting, teacher and student rewards, fundraising for purchasing materials and monitoring from the Principal or School Support Committee.

Sahakoum Apeewaht Sala (Communities Developing Schools) activity plans will also be implemented from Sept 2012 by the School Support Committees at Chanleas Dai and Prasat Knar. This will include classroom observation, School Support Committee meetings, monitoring of school finances, life skills training for teachers, planning of annual fundraising activities, student enrolment analysis and school improvements.

By end of the workshop, all participants appreciated the plans that were in place and expressed their commitment to continuing the success of the projects .