Impact of ICTs on Learning and Achievement

Posted on: September 29, 2017 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Impact of ICTs on Learning and Achievement

01Phearith is very interested in technology, and very good at using computer program. He now can write letter, develop official documents or letters by using Ms. Words, make the different tables, calculate different numbers by using different formulas in Ms. Excel. He can create many interesting and attractive presentations in Ms. Power Point etc. Besides of that Phearith can use internet, email, and social medias to communicate with other people, share ideas, and create more learning opportunities for himself, and other friends. Moreover, he can create videos from his group activities to share with everyone.

Prior to joining PEPY, Prearith used to attend PEPY Creative Learning Class when he was in the Secondary School which allowed him to know a little bit on how to use little computer called XO. However, when he moved to high school classes, all computer skills he had gained in the past was completely gone as there was no computer classes in high school. Phearith said, “Three years in High School, I forgot all my XO computer lessons, because I couldn’t practice using it, and I kept focusing on school subjects more.”

Coming to Siem Reap, especially joining PEPY Learning Center, is something that Phearith can call it as a golden time as he can access to learn something that he really likes. “I like to learn computer so much. I am so glad that can continue learning it at PEPY Learning Center. I used to only touch a very small computer for kids, but now I can use the big one that adults use it. I feel so happy. My first week at ICT, I used only two fingers to type, but now I can use all fingers. My typing speed also has also been increased. I can use internet, email, facebook, Ms. Office, and I can also make a blog. Since I love technology, I have decided to continue my study majoring in IT at the university. ICT class is very useful for me as it helps me to identify what I love and what I should chose to study at the university.”

02Phearith has been working very hard in the class at both ICT, and at the university. He is so determent for his future, and he always said that he wants to be an ICT teacher in the future so that he can share his knowledge to other people especially those who are living in the rural community as where he is from.