ICT Class Reflections

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ICT Class Reflections

2017-18 ICT Students: Impacts and Results

01During the 2017-18 academic year, PEPY’s ICT Class provided computer lessons to promotion 6 students. They learned about Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For the MS Office lessons, students applied what they learned and were better able to do their university homework on the computer, and also they can now make formal reports and documents on their own that they can apply to their work and their studies. They also learned about graphic design and video making and editing. Additionally, students learned about the Internet such as how to set up and use email, how to use Google search in order to research about lessons and global news, and students learned about blogging via Weebly where they continue to make posts and practice writing. Students will now find jobs more easily because of the wide range of computer skills they have acquired. The students who have received jobs already have said that they have not faced any problems with technology so far.
One student, Proeun Chiva, applied for and received a job as ICT teacher at JWOC NGO after he graduated from PEPY’s Learning Center. Chiva is a current PEPY scholarship student who is now studying at USEA University in the field of IT (Information Technology). Chiva is a very passionate student who was very active in the class. He has worked very hard to get where he is and we are all very proud of his accomplishments.

New ICT Updates

In October 2018, the ICT classroom was updated with 20 new laptop computers and equipment to facilitate improved learning. We installed new tables for the students so they could have a better view of the teacher, and a modern server for students to store files and documents. We were also provided security storage cabinets to keep our new computers safely. Thanks so much to the generous donors who provided this equipment for our students.

Teacher and students’ feelings about ICT

09Teachers feel very excited to welcome new students for 2018-19 and are happy to teach them as they are very active in the class and they always pay attention.

Students enjoy ICT class because they know that gaining computer skills will help them in the future, both at work and in general life, as technology becomes increasingly important to understand.