High School English Class with PEPY

Posted on: January 26, 2018 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

High School English Class with PEPY

IMG_3048PEPY did not expect that many students would have time to join English classes as they were already very busy with their public and private classes (public class is free whereas private class costs money). It is important to say that PEPY prioritizes quality over quantity. Even though the project is based on volunteerism, more than 300 students signed up for English classes. Many of them couldn’t speak English at all at the beginning, even though they had many classes from their English curriculum.

Based on the results of their placement test, the majority of the students were beginner level. It is not surprising as many of them do have the opportunity to study English as it costs money. Both the students and the teachers are grateful that PEPY has implemented the English High School project at their schools.

As long as the students are interested to learn and show their commitment and motivation they can join PEPY English Class, free of charge. The students appreciate the time and resources that PEPY invests in them.  They enjoy learning. They hope that many other students will realize the importance of English and join them in their classes.

IMG_0716It has been said in the past that students are often late for class. With passion and eagerness to learn, many of the students arrive early to wait for their teachers to arrive. They set very good examples for their friends who have not yet realized the importance of punctuality.

The teachers are pleased that PEPY pilots this project in their schools. This opportunity means so much for their students, particularly those who cannot afford to pay for their own English lessons. Holding English books in their hands, they are full of hope.  The teachers are confident that their students will use English to support their future education and careers.

PEPY would like to thank the Harvey Family Foundation for supporting English Project.  Also, thanks to  the teachers and students who participate in this project. We will do our best build on the success of this programme.