Hangchhay Ao: Reflections on TEDxPhnom Penh

Posted on: February 21, 2011 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Hangchhay Ao: Reflections on TEDxPhnom Penh


I think it’s really important to celebrate Cambodian people who are leaders. I was happy to join the TEDx PhnomPenh event and make a lot of friends.

One of the best presentations in the conference was by a dance group called Tiny Toones. They danced about their true-life experiences. They showed that dancing can be used to change negative experiences into good art. Dancing also helps people who have had a difficult past, because it makes them feel happy and relaxed.

Another interesting talk was given by Kounila Keo. She talked about history and the advantages of a blog. Her writing is about education, politics, lifestyle, and culture in Cambodia. We can follow her model to create a blog to share our knowledge and good information to other people.

One more speaker was Phloeun Prim. He spoke about how art and culture can transform a nation. He also told us about his life. In the future I hope Cambodia will have many resources and be full of well-educated people to help develop our country.