Experience Cambodia beyond the surface!

Posted on: July 29, 2010 Posted by: Manin Oem Comments: 0

Experience Cambodia beyond the surface!

Last winter, I took off for PEPY Ride V with hopes to thaw out from the dreadful Akita winter and check out a new place. I had no idea that I was going on the greatest trip ever. From the moment I tuk tuk-ed away from the airport, I was in awe of Cambodia. It was so different from anywhere I’d ever been before and so far from what I’d imagined it to look like. My first few hours were spent just adjusting to this new reality. During my 1,000k ride, the reality of Cambodia sunk in further as I took in the everyday smells, sounds, and smiles. The ride itself was a challenge, but I have never been more excited to wake up before sunrise in my life. And, seeing the sunrise over a grassy Cambodian plain while riding your bike is amazing! Throw in 12 fantastic new friends and some Cambodian wedding music and it is an experience I would wake up at 5am for everyday!

Since returning, I’ve talked with friends who’ve also visited Cambodia and found that we share similar feelings for places like Angkor Wat and S-21. It’s when I start off about the deep love of hammocks I gained, all the spontaneous dancing I did, and the countless yellings of “HELLO!!” from kids I heard that I start to feel we visited two different Cambodias. My trip was so much fun while also being educational and inspiring!

With four new PEPY tours to choose from, now’s YOUR chance to experience Cambodia beyond the surface!! Check out upcoming tours at the links below!

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